Become a Super Coach and get great benefits!

Being a Super Coach Glitzi means being part of the best Glitzi team. A Super Coach has privileges such as receiving a higher income, access to courses with experts in beauty and spa issues, participate in corporate events, and awards for your work with Glitzi clients.

Earn more
The Glitzi customer pays an extra for scheduling a Super Coach
Get more appointments
Many clients look for Super Coaches Glitzi
Participate in Exclusive Events
Performs services in exclusive corporate events, productions or editorial
See how it works and what the Super Coaches say
The Super Coaches system is part of our incentive plan, where Glitzi distinguishes the skills, professionalism, experience and recognition that clients make of Coaches.

Being a Super Coach, he gets more clients, appointments and income.

Super Coaches
More Gain

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