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All services are guaranteed

As soon as you pay for your appointment and receive your confirmation, our guarantee policies start to apply.

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All our services are standardized according to Glitzi protocols. Depending on the service you receive, different quality guarantees apply, from restocking the service totally free to reimbursing you 100% of your payment.

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If strangely your Coach Glitzi does not arrive on time, apply our Punctuality Guarantee in which depending on the delay time we will make you a partial refund or up to 100% of your appointment. If the Coach has a serious problem for which he cannot arrive, your appointment will be rescheduled at no cost or we will refund 100% of your money.

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Our Glitzi Coaches go through a comprehensive selection and training process. Not only do they perform technical and knowledge tests, they must also pass a psychometric and criminal and legal background exam. With Glitzi, rest assured that you will receive a trusted and certified professional.

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Frequent questions

Our Glitzi Coaches wear a Glitzi badge with their name and photograph, as well as the uniform with the Glitzi logo.
Of course, you can see photos of the work of the Coaches Glitzi here or in our Facebook Page .
We know that your safety is the most important, so Glitzi has a very rigorous selection and recruitment process to be able to work as a stylist, therapist, manicurist or pedicurist. Our recruiting department not only tests their skills (they test all the services offered by Glitzi), but they also receive psychometric tests and a criminal background check through the Black Trust (the company that researches all Uber drivers).                              
                             Additionally, your personal data are protected according to current Mexican laws, so Glitzi Coaches only know the essential information to attend your appointment. Here you can see our Privacy Policy                              
                             A Glitzi coach will always wear a uniform to your appointment, and will have a badge and official identification. Also, our Customer Service team will be monitoring their location until they finish it and have a panic button in case of any incident.