Download our app ( iOS or Android) or visit our website ( Pick the services and styles you need and schedule your appointment right there. You must pay for your appointment through our website or app (iOS or Android). We use OpenPay, the most secure online payment provider, and PayPal. You must schedule your appointment at least 4 hours in advance. For Special Occasions (bridal, Graduations, 15 years, Groups or Commercial Events) We offer our services outside of Mexico City, adding transportation allowances in some cases.
We advise that you schedule your appointment in our app(iOS or Android) or website (, because there you can check our styles, available hours, the areas we work in, available Coaches, and record your data for future appointments. For Special Occasions, Groups, Makeover and Commercial Events, you can only schedule appointments by phone with our concierge service.
Yes, as long as it is at least 4 hours in advance. Or you can contact our Glitzi Team by phone (55-7100-0398) to see if there is are coaches available in the next few hours (less than 4 hours).
You must schedule your appointment at least 4 hours in advance.
All our appointments are scheduled and confirmed 4 hours in advance. However, we know that sometimes you have beauty emergencies or to get rid of stress.                 For this you can directly dial our Customer Service line at 55-7100-0398 where they will do everything possible to get you a Glitzi Coach and can assist you as soon as possible.                 It should be noted that the appointment will have to be settled as soon as possible so that our Coach arrives at the confirmed appointment and leaves as quickly as possible and arrives on time for your appointment.                  For these express appointments, the punctuality policies for Coaches do not apply, because the transfer time is reduced and there is not enough time to measure traffic.
All our appointments are subject to availability. Our high demand days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is always best to schedule your appointment in advance. If you have a beauty emergency, please contact the Glitzi Team at 55-7100-0398 or write us at
Our Coaches always arrive at the scheduled time. If for any reason, there is a complication, Team Glitzi will contact you to let you know if there was any extraordinary situation.
You will receive an email confirmation to the email with which you made your Glitzi account.
Sometimes our Glitzi Coaches have unforeseen events and, in order to provide you with service at the time and day you selected, we look for another Coach to replace the one who could not go. This only happens on your first appointment or if you do not have a Coach of preference.
Any change of schedule, date, or service must be done 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged 100% of the price for your appointment. To make a change to your appointment, write to us at or call Glitzi Team at 55-7100-0398.
If you must cancel your appointment, do it 24 hours in advance to get 100% of your money back. To do so, just send us an email to, or call us at 55-7100-0398. If you do not cancel 24 hours in advance, only 50% of the price of your appointment will be returned. Here you can see cancellation policies: Terms & Conditions.
Yes we return 100% of your money if you cancel your appointment 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. Here you can see the cancellation policies: Terms & Conditions.
The services and/or styles you choose will determine the duration of your appointment. Each service and style has a different duration and you can see the exact duration in the Details part of each service or style.
In the confirmation email of your appointment (after having scheduled and paid) we describe in detail how you should prepare for each service. For any hairstyle you need to have clean and dry hair. For makeup you need to have a clean face (without makeup). For manicure or pedicure you need to have your nails free of any other previous nail work. If you still have gelish, acrylic or any other material, remember to schedule the extra "material removal" when you make your appointment. For massage services, you must have a space prepared for our Glitzi Coaches to place their massage beds.
Our Glitzi Coaches can wait up to 20 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, after these 20 minutes if you have not arrived at your appointment, the Glitzi Coach is allowed to leave and your appointment will not be refunded. If you arrived late for your appointment (before those 20 minutes), your Glitzi Coach will be able to give you the service during the remaining time of your appointment. If you want to extend the stay of your Glitzi Coach because you were late for your appointment, you must contact the Glitzi Team at 55-7100-0398.
In Glitzi we have very strict rules regarding punctuality with our Glitzi Coaches, but we also know that sometimes the traffic in Mexico City takes us by surprise. If one of our Glitzi coaches arrives more than 15 minutes late, we will give you 15% discount on your next appointment. If your Glitzi Coach arrives more than 30 minutes late, you will be given that service free of charge.
It is very strange that our Glitzi Coaches do not arrive to your appointment, but in the extraordinary case that this happens we will return 100% of your appointment and we will re-schedule your appointment free of cost for another time and date that suits you.
It is only possible to add more services to your appointment during your appointment when your Coach Glitzi does not have scheduled appointments after yours. To add services to your appointment you must contact the Glitzi Team at 55-7100-0398.
At Glitzi we focus on always improving your Glitzi experience, so if you have any problems, complaints or suggestions, you can contact, or dial us at 55-7100-0398.
Glitzi currently has availability in the following areas of the CDMX; north, center, south and west. In the metropolitan area in Huixquilucan and Naucalpan.


All our services are at home. The administrative office of Glitzi, where you can visit us, is located at Calle de Durango #325 Roma Norte, in Mexico City.
Glitzi offers the best professional beauty and spa services at home. Among the simple beauty services we have makeup, hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, and spa massages and facials. If you want to know the details and prices of each service you can find, schedule and pay for them here .                              
                              Additionally Glitzi offers services for special occasions such as Weddings, Graduations or XV years. To see the details you can see them here                              
                              We also have services for corporate or events for companies that want to consent to their employees or customers. You can see more details here.
Glitzi currently has availability in the following areas of the CDMX; north, center, south and west. In the metropolitan area in Huixquilucan and Naucalpan.
Yes, we go to hotels where you are staying or to your office. However, you must make sure that our Glitzi Coaches will have no problem entering. Some hotels do not allow entry to the room to people who have not been registered during check-in. In case you ask for massage service, you should make sure you have the right space to place the massage table (s).
You can check all our prices in our website or app in the services area. If, due to availability, there are no coaches near your home, travel allowances would be added, the system will indicate this at the time of scheduling, before payment.
Our styles are based on trends and fashion looks, but we know that each person has their own style. You can schedule the style My Own Style (for makeup or hairstyle), in which you will tell our Coach Glitzi what look you would like to have. Do not forget to upload or send the Glitzi Team (to 55-7100-0398) the photos of the look you would like to wear so that your Glitzi Coach is prepared with all the necessary material to achieve the style you want.
To give us your look specifications you can upload images to Glitzi at the time of making your appointment, you can send us an email with your references of looks to or call us at: 55-7100-0398 and tell us about your requirements before the appointment.
Yes. You must notify us at least one day before your appointment, so that our Glitzi Coach can bring all the necessary materials.
Very soon you will be able to buy our Glitzi Gift Cards online. We will notify you as soon as these are ready.
Yes, you can find our group packages in our Special Occasions section, in groups . Our group packages only apply for four people and the price per service per person is cheaper.
Yes, go to our Trade Events section, fill out the application and we will contact you. as soon as possible to start planning your event or party.
Yes, we have specialized and personalized services for these cases, we call them Special Occasions and you can find them in the Special Occasions section. Go to this section .


No, none of our services includes any type of erotic service. None of our massages includes massage in the genital areas or breasts. The client who makes any kind of sexual innuendo or does not respect our Glitzi Coaches will be banned from our services forever..
All our massages are only functional or relaxing massages, done by certified and highly trained therapists. We have different types of massages which you can choose from depending on your needs. Check all our massages here.
At the moment, most of our therapists are women. We have few male masseuses which is why their availability is more restricted.
Yes. Our therapists carry a special massage table and everything necessary for the service.
If you have any condition that you think may be an impediment to taking a massage, it is necessary to first consult your doctor.                              
                              In the case of pregnant women, we offer our special Prenatal massage. Depending on your specific case, we will discuss with our therapists to determine if it is appropriate to provide a massage service, especially if you are in the first three months of pregnancy.
When you have any condition or medical situation, it is necessary to ask your doctor first. These include pregnancy, surgeries with less than 7 months, allergic dermatitis, skin infections (fungus, lupus), vascular diseases, heart disease in general (tachycardia and hypertension) , acute or pathological inflammations with typical symptoms (pain, heat, flushing, reddening of the skin, recent bruises, unhealed wounds, acute sprains, contusions, acute edema), any acute disease or diseases in an evolutionary phase.

Make up and hairstyle

Day makeup is more natural and night makeup is a more loaded makeup so more products are used. Both are long-lasting and the products are of high quality.
Yes. All makeups are long lasting. If you require a longer lasting makeup than usual, we suggest you choose our makeup with airbrush.
Yes, your makeup includes false eyelashes. However, you have to let us know in advance that you would like to use false eyelashes so that your Glitzi Coach will be prepared. During your appointment, do not forget to remind your Coach that you want false eyelashes.
                Additionally, you must let us know if you are allergic or irritated by any material that is used for the placement of the tabs and our Coach will tell you if it is appropriate or not to place them.
Yes, some of our Glitzi Coaches put extensions. This service is charged extra and you need to quote it with the Glitzi Team at 55-7100-0398.
Yes. To comb extensions already placed on your hair, our Coaches have to make sure that they are properly placed and the combing procedure is different from combing natural hair. So you have to let us know in advance so that our coaches can be prepared. Call us by phone 55 8094-3773 to give you the additional price and your specifications.
If you do not know what style you want for the day of your appointment you can look for style proposals in our website , search in the Our Work section, in our Pinterest or search for inspiration in any other site and send it to them. It is always better that our Coach Gltizi has an idea of the style that you want so that they have all of the necessary materials to make that look for you.
Before starting the service our Coach Glitzi will ask you if you agree with the style you chose or the image you upload to the system. Before you start, both parties agree on the style that will be done for you. There is only opportunity for tweaks or changes on special occasion services. .


No. If you have previous material such as semi-permanent enamel or acrylic, you must add "Removal of Material" to your services. There is no cost for normal enamel.
Yes. All materials are sterilized.
The enamel lasts approximately one week, the gelish and the acrylic 15 days. However, this time also depends on the care you give your nails.
Yes you can include all these extras to your manicure or pedicure service at the time of scheduling your appointment. Remember that these extras are charged separately.
Yes, we consider the French style as a nail design so you will have to add it as an extra.
Yes you can, but you must pay for the extra service on our website before your appointment ends.
No. We offer a complete service because the manicure and/or pedicure helps our work to be of high quality.
If for any reason the semi-permanent or acrylic glaze only last for less than 8 days, you must immediately contact the Glitzi team at 5571000398.                              
                              In our Glitzi team there is a specialized person who will evaluate your case and tell us the reason why your nails did not last and whether they have a guarantee or not.

Hair removal

Our therapists carry a spa-type stretcher to do the service. It has cream, wax or tweezers according to the preference of the client and the needs of the case. After the removal, refreshing or moisturizing creams are placed to avoid skin irritation.

Special occasions

The difference between simple and special services is that the second has no time limit (our Glitzi Coaches stay with you until you are satisfied), they include changes and retouching. Because of this, special services have different prices, but they are worth it! Special services are divided into Bride, 15 years, and Graduation. See Special Occasion services .
Special occasion services are packages with special services. Although you can schedule a single service (example: Bridal Makeup), you can also choose several services in a package (example: Makeup and Hairstyle of Bride with trial). See Special Occasion services .
Yes we do hair and/or makeup tests for the price of simple services (except for brides).
The tests of Special Occasions of 15 years and Graduation have the same cost as the simple services. The tests for the Bride have different costs because they require more time and materials. You can find the Bride packages with tests here .
Yes you can schedule a simple service instead of a package of Special Occasions. However, your service will only last the time stipulated in the service (45 to 60 min) and you will not be retouched or changed.


All our services and styles are paid in advance through our platform. We use OpenPay, the most secure internet payment provider (part of Paypal). You can pay with credit or debit card, Paypal, bank transfer, or in cash paying in Oxxo, 7 Eleven and Farmacias del Ahorro. These options are available through our app ( iOS or Android ) or website . You can also save the card information for future occasions.
Our online payment provider is OpenPay, which is the most secure internet payment provider (OpenPay is part of Paypal). You can check the OpenPay page here .
Yes you can pay for a service even without a credit card. The payment options we have in our page or app ( Android ) are: debit card, Paypal, bank transfer, SPEI, payment in Oxxo, 7 Eleven and Farmacias del Ahorro.
For your safety and the safety of our Glitzi Coaches, we do not accept cash payments except in extraordinary cases. If you have an extraordinary case, please contact the Glitzi Team 55-7100-0398.
We have Glitzi Coaches in different areas, but if you want your appointment outside of these areas, travel expenses are charged so that the nearest Glitzi Coach can assist you.
Travel expenses are calculated by measuring the distance between the address of your appointment and the address of the Glitzi Coach that is closest to you.
Only the Special Occasions services (Bride, XV Years, Graduations, and Makeover) can be paid in two payments. The first must be equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the service. Your service must be fully paid for 8 days before the date of your appointment.
The tip is not included in your service. If you loved the work of your Coach Glitzi, of course you can tip in cash.
If you already have your discount coupon, put it in before paying when you are scheduling your appointment. If you still do not have a discount coupon and want to know the promotions valid in Glitzi at that time; Go to your profile and select the promotions part. There you will have a list of all the coupons available at that moment. Some will be applicable to you, others will not :(.
Refunds will be authorized by Glitzi after analyzing the situation and reaching a mutual agreement with The Client. These can be partial or total, the reimbursement of the service does not take into account the travel expenses (in the case that the appointment includes them), since these are unrelated to the cost of the service and are given in an integrated manner to the Glitzi Coach for transportation.


All of our Glitzi Coaches have the freedom to choose the brands they work with. However, our recruiting team always makes sure that all our Glitzi Coaches use premium brands (MAC, Clinique, Urban Decay, Kerastase, Essie, CND Shellac, etc.) and that they meet our quality and hygiene standards. There are some basic products that all of our Coaches have at our request (especially for nails), these are from a specific brand that we consider will give the necessary quality for our services.

Safety and quality

Our Glitzi Coaches wear a Glitzi badge with their name and photograph, as well as the uniform with the Glitzi logo.
Of course, you can see photos of the work of the Coaches Glitzi here or in our Facebook Page .
We know that your safety is the most important, so Glitzi has a very rigorous selection and recruitment process to be able to work as a stylist, therapist, manicurist or pedicurist. Our recruiting department not only tests their skills (they test all the services offered by Glitzi), but they also receive psychometric tests and a criminal background check through the Black Trust (the company that researches all Uber drivers).                              
                             Additionally, your personal data are protected according to current Mexican laws, so Glitzi Coaches only know the essential information to attend your appointment. Here you can see our Privacy Policy                              
                             A Glitzi coach will always wear a uniform to your appointment, and will have a badge and official identification. Also, our Customer Service team will be monitoring their location until they finish it and have a panic button in case of any incident.

Our Team

All of our Glitzi Coaches are carefully chosen based on their talent. Our Glitzi Coaches (makeup artists, stylists, masseurs, cosmetologists, manicurists and pedicurists) require at least 2 years of professional experience, and go through a rigorous selection process. Our recruiting department not only tests their skills (they test all the services offered by Glitzi), but they also receive psychometric tests and a criminal background check through the Black Trust (the company that researches all Uber drivers). We accept around 1 in 10 applicants. After recruitment, Glitzi Coaches are given updates and beauty trend courses on each of the Glitzi service categories. This means that our Glitzi Coaches are always trained with the latest trends in beauty.
Yes you can choose your Glitzi Coach of preference, however you will have to adjust your appointment to a date and time that this Glitzi Coach is available. All of our Glitzi Coaches are meticulously selected and recruited, so if your Glitzi Coach is not available, all the other Glitzi Coaches will be able to give you the service to the same quality.

Work for Glitzi

We are always looking for the best beauty and spa professionals. If you want to work with us you must apply through our online form < / a>. See here , where you will find our form as well as much more information about what it is like to work with Glitzi.
To be a Glitzi Coach you need ...
  • Have at least 2 years of experience doing beauty or spa services that are offered by Glitzi.
  • Have a professional attitude and good customer service
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have at least 20 hours of availability per week
  • Be a perfectionist and PUNCTUAL

Super Coaches

The Super Coaches are Glitzi Coaches who have more than 5 years of experience giving the services offered by Glitzi, which have VIP clients (actresses, models, etc.). Most Super Coaches have also worked for fashion shows, movies, and other events in the beauty, fashion and film industries. Basically the Super Coaches are the most experienced Coaches of Glitzi, for this reason scheduling with them has an extra charge of 30% in each service. But hey, you really will not regret hiring a Super Coach.
Because the Super Coaches are professionals with more experience, VIP clients and with more limited availability, in order to have them at your disposal in Glitzi there is an extra charge of 30% when you schedule one of them. If you want a super elite experience for your wedding, XV years, Graduation or others, we recommend you not to skimp on the price of your beauty and spa services.
All of our Coaches are very good at what they do. All, without exception, go through various technical, psychometric, and criminal and legal background checks. The only difference between a Super Coach and a Coach is the number of years of experience, the type of clients they have (Super Coaches work with VIP clients: artists, models, etc.) and the price for service in Glitzi (for hiring a Super Coach there is an extra charge of 30%). We recommend that, if you are unsure, check the profiles of our Coaches to get rid of doubts about who you want to hire.

Glitzi Membership

Glitzi Memberships are monthly memberships (fixed monthly payments) that give you access to all our services at exclusive prices. For example, the cheapest membership is the Glitzi Lite, that for a monthly payment of $ 1100 pesos, you will have a credit of $ 1158 pesos to spend in Glitzi in that month, and in all the months you pay for membership. That is to say, you are being given a 5% discount on all our Glitzi services. As well as this membership, there are two other memberships. In addition to accessing special prices on all our services, memberships have other benefits. You can see more information about our Glitzi memberships here.
With the Glitzi Memberships in addition to purchasing all Glitzi services at exclusive discounts throughout the month, you can have preference in availability, you will not pay extra costs for your express appointments (scheduled less than 4 hours in advance) and you will receive a free service on your birthday (after 6 months with your membership).
There are 3 types of Glitzi Memberships.
Glitzi Lite (for $ 1100 monthly you will get -5% on all our services, you will have $ 1158 to spend per month in Glitzi).
Glitzi Pro (for $ 1600 per month you will get -10% on all our services, you will have $ 1778 to spend per month in Glitzi).
Glitzi Premium (for $ 2100 monthly you will get -15% on all our services, you will have $ 2471 to spend per month in Glitzi).